My First doTERRA Confernece

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

I cant even begin to express in words the amount of energy I felt attending my first conference. I am so happy to report that I had the most incredible and AMAZING first time experience. After three years of using these precious oils, I finally was able to clear my schedule and partake in this amazing once a year event! I was invited by my sweet friend Beth who also first introduced me to all the powerful benefits of essential oils three years ago. Let me also add that I will be forever be indebted to my sweet friend Beth for sharing with me the beautiful, natural gifts of essential oils through Mother Earth.

So conference Numero Uno was a HIT! Everything was amazing and so well organized! I was super impressed on the amount of organization that must have went into hosting such a large convention! 35,000 essential oil enthusiast! I honestly had no idea what I was in for !

However, beyond impressed! doTERRA definitely knew what they were doing, no leaf was left unturned. They had the man and woman power to pull off such a large event over 4 days! I knew I wanted to write about my first experience because I never wanted to forget just exactly how I felt. Beyond amazed, blown away, and IMPRESSED! They have had my attention for the past three years, well now they really have my attention! The conference most definitely was a game changer. Number one the oils, every year the conference introduces the new oils at convention, the science behind the oils, where they are sourced from, the chemical properties, the benefits, and how to use the oils. I also learned so much more about the company themselves. How the company began, the people behind the company, the standards, high values and principles of the company, how the company sources the oils giving opportunities of employment to the people sourcing the oils in countries where opportunity is scarce. All I can say is that I am very proud to be a part of this organization. I will probably have to write separate blog posts for each individual learning experience because there is so much information! The new oils, the company, the motivational guest speakers, learning about the research behind the essential oils, the individual workshops (I attended Oils of the Bible), the shopping, the comradery of people all experiencing and sharing the love of essential oils and how lives are impacted and changed everyday from the people who source the oils to the people who use the oils. For three years I have been experiencing all the beautiful gifts of Mother Nature through essential oils and I feel like I have been keeping them all to myself. Leaving the conference I feel empowered, inspired, motivated, encouraged, knowledgeable, and ready to share! Its been one month since the annual Together doTERRA conference to write this blog

and its taken me one month to digest all that I have learned! Looking forward to next year! 2020!

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