May Showers and Flowers. A New Start.

Its Saturday May the 1st and its pouring rain outside. I absolutely love the rain, the sound, the smell, the way the water refreshes every living plant, tree, and flower. The way the gushing water cleanses and renews all living things. Most definitely a refreshing way to start a new month after the havoc of the Texas Snow storm in February and need to re-stabilize in March as life returned to some sort of normal. March consisted of re-evaluating priorities. After living through a state wide shutdown of basic needs to include water and electricity it most definitely put life into perspective again, as if COVID had not already done that for us all. It was a double whammy for Texans, not to mention all the side stuff in each and everyone's personal life. So February snow, March clean up, re-evaluate, recon, break down, cut down all plants and trees that didn't make the snow, and now the washing and cleansing with the rain of May. A New beginning, a Fresh new start.

This has me thinking of all the times I needed to re-evaluate, re-think, and reprioritize areas of my life. Life is full of lessons and opportunities to improve and change directions. You just have to be open to the doors that creek open and offer a glimpse of light in a different way.

Life, relationships, friendships, personal, professional endeavors, people, we all grow and change directions. The goal is to grow stronger, better, more efficient. For me that includes growing in love, positive light and kindness. For everything has a season and a purpose. No situation is ever left without some sort of lesson, either for yourself or the other person. Some lessons learned include knowing when to backdown and let go or to reach out and say yes. Nothing is perfect in life. Nothing is guaranteed. We all have stuff. Its just knowing when something no longer works. Or when you keep doing the same thing over and over and expect different results.

As the seasons change and Spring is in full bloom, I hope this seasons offers a chance to cleanse, re-organize, re-evaluate and re-prioritize what is truly important in your life. A spring cleaning beyond that of your home or closet.

A spring cleaning for your soul. To offer yourself the ability to bloom in a light, love, and positivity. I'm looking forward to May. To reach out to those I love. To be present, to live mindful. To nurture my friendships and relationships, to spending more quality time with my family as things begin to bloom. To also spending time with myself in doing all the things that make me - me. Time to nourish my soul. A time to Bloom.

A time to chop down old Roots that no longer serve you.

A time to replant New Ones!

Happy May Showers and Spring Flowers

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