Holiday Season Gratitude

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

Nothing starts the day like a big cup of gratitude, add some coffee to that and your off to a great start! Everything takes time and energy. We are in a constant need to do, go, be and overcome obstacles. Life is busy, we all have so much to juggle, think, process and we are constantly pivoting the challenges of every day life, work, and family. How do we take time to stop and smell the roses? How do we sit comfortably in the stillness of the night or early morning hours. How do we take pleasure in all that we have? Do we need more? Do we want more? When is enough, enough? Can we be truly happy with all that we have today?

I remember growing up in a hardworking family. We had what we needed, but never more. Christmas was simple just as birthdays. We took pleasure in family, our home, a good meal and just time with each other. There were no influencers grabbing your need for attention in the latest and greatest. No social media feeds to grab your attention in latest design of home, fashion, and lifestyle. No reels, no hashtags, no need for followers.

Not long ago, times were simpler, making the simple pleasures of life obtainable and enjoyable. I loved the simpler life. A life prior to social media, cellphone, or world wide web. It was what I knew. Its was all we had, and we were happy.

Today, life is different. And I love it just as well. Our society has grown into a communication super highway, where everything is literally just a click away. You want it, just do a google search and click! In talking with friends, we recalled the good ole days where we had to look up words in the dictionary or prepare our book report with the use of encyclopedias. That is all gone. I'm not sure what we did when we couldn't remember the name of a movie or a song, or the name of a famous actor. I didn't grow up with google. So no click of the button for me! I look back and smile for the life that once was. I can appreciate where we were and where we are now.

Fast forward to today and I find myself needing to disconnect often from the busyness of the world. I find myself at times overwhelmed with the constant stimulation and how easy it is to get caught up in power of current culture. The need to pull back, the need to shut it down, the need to find a quiet space FREE from searching, hashtags, or scrolling. STILLNESS becomes a calling I find myself craving more and more often. The ability to disconnect and wander in my own personal space free from influence, free from artificial connection. I crave quiet times to simply sit back, close my eyes and allow a deeper sense of stillness. To tune out and simply tune in. What is going on in my thoughts? How can I personally feel where I truly am physically and mentally?

The association of gratitude and well-being allow for a deeper sense of safety and security. If your mind can think it, you can feel it and thus live from a place of abundance versus a place of scarcity.

In the need to disengage from the everyday stressors of life- I find myself writing more, spending quiet time reflecting, praying, walking more, sitting outside, taking naps, reading, talking to a friend for human connection, and just creating spaces of true presence and stillness. I find that engaging in actions that involve positivity help to align my overall emotional health while changing my energetic, emotional field.

The daily practice of gratitude this holiday season has been a grounding foundation for me. A positive source of Energy.

Giving thanks for everything I have, while also appreciating the past, the present, and the future.

Every day is different and I often find myself needing to tap into grateful thoughts to transition how I feel. I also find GRATITUDE very useful, as a coping strategy during uncomfortable or stressful situations.

This Holiday Season I find myself plugging into gratitude and focusing in on everything I already have. Shifting my awareness with the simple act of kindness keeps me attuned, grounded and aligned with the deeper sense of who I really am while keeping me connected to the true meaning of Christmas.

May your Holiday Season be filled with family, friends, goods memories, and loved ones. Merry Christmas 💕

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