Divine Purpose

We all have purpose. There is a connection between us all and a higher sense of being, otherwise, what would be our sole purpose in life? Who we are, how we define ourselves, how we manage our spirituality, how we manage our mentality, how we manage our physical bodies during times of questions, fear, or doubt. What makes us shine, what gives us the ability to push forward in times of struggle. How do we give to others when the waves come crashing down? I'd like to look deeper into these questions not only for myself but also perhaps for others to examine how they manage all aspects of their bodies during troubling times. Life is full of questions, doubts, insecurities, changes, and decisions that must be made sometimes with little direction as to how it will all turn out. The all to known, "UNKNOWN," when making decisions. How do we manage? Is there a greater purpose always at hand? Do we listen to our gut, an inner sense of knowing, our intuitions? Do we follow signs, do we pray, do we act in faith, do we make a list, or talk to friends and family when a life altering decision must be made. Perhaps all of the above, perhaps none of the above.

I've come to the conclusion that many of the decisions we make is exactly connected to who we are, to everything that has created our entire persona, past, present and future, ultimately leading us to our divine purpose in life. Henceforth, I connect divinity to God, for I believe that God did create us for a purpose and if we look at our life in that context, we can always circle back to the greater question as "is this the 'divine purpose' of my life?" Is this what God would want me to do?

A Little Memory Lane

I remember several years back there was a great movement for Christian believers to wear rubber bracelets with the initials of "WWJD". I remember seeing this for the first time on a friends wrist and I asked what the purpose was and what the initials meant. The return answer, was the bracelet means "What Would Jesus do?" The bracelet was meant to serve as a constant reminder in the life of the person who wore the bracelet to help them remember to keep focus on the ultimate purpose, to serve as Christians, to be a constant light, and to make decisions that will keep our souls connected to Christ. I never owned one of those bracelets but thinking about that bracelet today and wondering, what if everyone made decisions with the thought foundation of "WWJD", perhaps life on this earth would be much different.

Fast Forward

Today life has shed new light in our life's. Today my family and I are living in a different chapter that has changed, altered, and defined roles unlike the expected. As I move forward on the day to day basis I cant help but to think, what would Jesus do and my divine purpose in life. Everyday I pray for light, direction, and strength to be everything I am purposed to be according to Gods will. Considering my future and the future of those around me, I consider my role as a mother, wife, friend, daughter, and woman I must be- for I know my time on this earth is limited. What shall I do with this time and how am I to serve my greatest purpose as a women, teacher, wife and friend to the best of my ability. How can I be of service, shine light, and be a role model for those in need. Can I make this time fruitful and productive for myself, my family and the greater good while maintaining true to my authentic self? How do I continue to flow in my own natural state? What would Jesus do in times of great change and questions of uncertainty or the unknown? The words faith, prayer, gratitude, stillness, fortitude, hope, and perseverance come to heart and mind.

New Chapter

As new chapters in life bring about new change, I cling to balance and wholeness in terms of mental, spiritual, and physical health in order to preserve strength and fortitude. Meaning more things that keep me aligned and focused.

For me daily walks in nature to clear my head (when its not 100 degrees outside because I live in Texas), sitting quietly to evaluate my thoughts without distractions of television or phone, writing, journaling, and staying constantly connected to activities that keep me grounded.

As I think, I filter and disseminate any negative thoughts that serve no purpose, evaluating doubts, fears, or uncertainties and replacing them with facts, positive affirmations, and prayers. The practice of breath and yoga also helps me stay connected physically when I need balance. A candle alight, aromatherapy in the form of essential oils, soft music, plants around me, my own secret little sanctuary I have carved away in one of the spare bedrooms, a place of peace and quiet. I'm also limiting social media, not because I'm against it for I feel it has its purpose. However, I as I sit in a place where my energy requires pristine attention, I'm careful where I place my time.

A time to quiet the mind and reflect serves to strengthen my spirit and soul while softly turning inward. Going to church has also allowed me to connect to my higher self and connect to my spirituality. San Antonio is home to the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Little Flower, which is a beautiful cathedral filled with faith and history honoring Saint Thérèse of Lisieux. Another way to connect to our history of faith. The act of participating in prayer in a Holy church with hundreds of people, doing the same thing invokes peace, community, and unity. The essence of strength in community. These days things are a little slower, and I can appreciate the time home with family, as time is truly a luxury and I want to ensure my time is spent wisely, again choosing activities that are aligned with my higher self so as to serve the best of myself for the greater good of my loved ones and those around me. This means eat healthy, drinking lots of water, resting, napping, taking lots of deep, intentional breaths to keep the heart open.

Remember that nothing is small in the eyes of God. Do all that you do with love. St. of Thérèse Lisieux

Higher Grounds

As long as I remain connected to a higher power, finding moments of peace aligned with who I am has provided much needed strength to help others. This has been a go to and game changer in my life. The intentional act of prayer, stillness, gratitude, and hope have been my tools of strength and stability. I like to call them super human powers of positivity for without a doubt they offer a sense of recharging comfort. Prayer in all forms, long prayers, short prayers, prayers on a walk, while driving, prayers to offer gratitude, and prayers in times of need. There is no prayer too great or small.

My most favorite prayer has been prayers with the mysteries of the Rosary. A beautiful time of deep meditation on the mysteries of faith to quiet the soul and reflect on a greater picture, a greater purpose, a divine purpose. Stillness can allow you to acknowledge internal feelings such as anger, fear, sadness, anxiety, or doubt, or it can allow you to listen, feel, and discern your path. Stillness can be scary for some people, but for me, it is in the stillness where I learn the most about who I am and what I need to do, if anything at all. Can adjustments be made, can Ah-ha moments shed light, can just the action of stillness offer a safe space to just breathe or cry in order to process feelings. It is through stillness that much can be accessed such as reflections, learning moments, and a time for self-reassurance that whatever one is facing, there is always something greater in the distance.


The internal feeling of hope is far beyond measure and this too is something that I rely on while also offering hope to others. It is in the divine nature that we all possess that fulfills this purpose. A sense of hope can create feelings of worthiness, love, strength, courage, positivity, and fortitude. Thinking and feeling of hope stimulates a positive response in the body, so intentionally bringing hope to yourself and others can have a positive effect on the body, as well as the brain, engaging the nervous system in rest and relaxation. I like hope. I love hope. Hope that the story is still being written and there is still lots of work to be done. Hope in the future, hope that there is always something greater stirring. The hope that God will provide us with a future filled with goodness beyond what we can see.


Daily gratitude daily is essential. There is always something to be grateful for. Gratitude has become an essential part of my life in the present day, not only for keeping me grateful but also to keep me grounded. I'm thankful for the lessons, the hardships, the mistakes, the wins and the losses. Gratitude in my life has been a game changer. It doesn't matter how bad things may seem, there will always be something to be grateful for. A daily gratitude practice. "Thank you." Simple, pure, and from the heart.

Intentional Decisions

All of us will have to make tough decisions at some point in our lives. Sometimes we are forced to make tough decisions during challenging times. There is nothing worse than in the midst of uncertainty- now big decisions must be made. Definitely take your time if time is an option, ask questions, list pros versus cons and reach out to your trusty resources and most definitely pray about it. Sometimes even asking simple questions like, Is this aligned with who I am, does this server a greater purpose, and who will this benefit? Maybe a little WWJD?

Finally, don't forget to listen to your sense of intuition! I believe we are all given this inner knowing, an internal compass to serve as a source and guide. I cant tell you how many times I ignored that deep feeling simply because I didn't understand it or I allowed irrational thoughts based on ego to overcome my decision making. I know better now. The senses are there for a reason to include a strong sense of intuition,

Statements such as it doesn't feel right, or that doesn't sound right, or that leaves a bad taste in my mouth or there is a feeling in the pit of my stomach I cant explain. Don't ignore the powerful tool of intuition when discerning your greater purpose, listen to your gut instinct and maybe even layer the intuition with prayer! Another powerful tool!

A Higher Purpose

Last but most certainly not least is the ability to create an atmosphere of positivity for oneself and others, shinning the light in the darkness, serving as a strong bridge for others

to cross during needed times, maintaining strength in times of weakness and serving others in kindness, love, openness, authenticity, courage and truth. The ultimate purpose of traveling through this journey of life, for me, is to be of service and to meet the needs of others and most importantly to live my authentic truth, full of love and full of light.

A higher purpose, a divine purpose because in the end I hope to look back and know that somehow I made a positive impact even if just for one soul.

Perhaps your Divine purpose will be ever changing according to the needs that surround you and the world that we live in. In all, challenging times may invoke questions of uncertainty yet how we respond and how we choose to live, what we chose to embrace, and what we decide to stand by can strengthen our stormy weather and alter the experience. The most important thing is to remember that we are the captains of our own ships. Who or what we choose to guide us can help us navigate through difficult situations.

Today I choose God, for in everything I know there is a greater purpose and in everything the question and answer to always guide me will always be, "What would Jesus do?"

Perhaps, just maybe, I'll get that bracelet.

I hope you enjoyed this read, as my writings serve as a therapeutic, creative outlet of love

and inspiration.

From my Heart to Yours, Erica Jane

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