100 Self Care Tips

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1. Go for a Walk

2. Take a Day off

3. Take a Deep Breath (4 square breathing) Inhale for 4,hold for count of 4, Exhale for 4, hold for 4) and Repeat until nice and refreshed!

4. Sit outside and get some sunshine (vitamin D)

5. Meet with a friend for coffee/tea, or a healthy smoothie

6. Call a friend

7. Take a new fun class (art, music, cake making, interior design)

8. Take an Epsom Salt Bath or Bubble bath

9. Read a Good Book

10. Ride a bike, outside

11. Create a at home Spa Day (facial, mask, mani/pedi)

12.Practice Legs up the Wall- great for rest/relax, lymph drainage, circulation (5 to 10 minutes)

13. Dry brushing- Great for self-lymphatic massage

14. Buy new jammies and go to bed early

15. Visit a State or Local Park

16. Listen to motivating Podcast or a motivating speaker

17. Listen to your favorite music- Music therapy

18. Aroma Therapy with essential oils ( I love lavender, peppermint, and Frankincense)

19. Yoga ( Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, chair yoga)

20. Meditation ( Free app- one of my favorites- The Insight Timer)

21. Attend a Sound Bowl Healing session

22. Take a dance class- Learn a new dance or how to dance

23. Go for a Hike

24. Visit a body of water- Lake, River, Beach, Pool

25. Go for a swim

26. Look at old pictures

27. Scrapbook

28. Visit a Museum

29. Get a Massage

30. Buy yourself some flowers

31. Plant a Garden (this can be as small as an indoor herb garden or an outdoor flower garden)

32. Purchase a birdfeeder or hummingbird feeder

33. Birdwatching

34. Star Gaze

35. Find a beautiful spot to walk barefoot and connect to Earth Energy

36. Lay under a tree, relax and gaze at the clouds roll

37. Practice Mindfulness (in everything you do- self-care, eating, conversations with self and others)

38. Take and plan a day trip

39. Take a weekend trip

40. Go for a scenic drive

41. Spend the Day outside

42. Plan a camping trip

43. Eat fruits and vegetables

44. Take Vitamins

45. Drink a green smoothie ( I love a half avocado, spinach, almond milk, scoop vanilla protein, ice)

46. Make Avocado Toast (toast, avocado, angel tomatoes, feta, drizzle balsamic vinegar)

47. Eat a few Dates- ( I love medjool dates) delicious and nutritious! Powerhouse antioxidant!

48. Make your favorite meal

49. Make a soup

50. Try a new Restaurant- explore (something out of your ordinary)

51. Pick up your favorite restaurant food to bring home ( I always pick up sushi)

52. Light a candle for dinner (even if just for yourself)

53. Build a Fire- I love an outdoor fire pit or indoor fireplace

54. Make breakfast for dinner

55. Plan a Picnic

56. Make a pot of Tea to sit and enjoy

57. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate (water, water, water)

58. Schedule an Internet vacation- time away from phone, computer, TV (even a few hours)

59. Go to church

60. Create a sacred space ( a plant, a candle, a picture, a salt lamp) to spend time in

61. Talk to God, Mother Mary, Guardian Angels ( in your sacred space or outside)

62. Pray

63. Visit a Holy Sanctuary

64. Practice daily gratitude- Start a Gratitude Journal

65. Listen to worship music

66. Offer forgiveness to yourself and others

67. Offer compassion to yourself and others

68. Attend a Bible Study

69. Read the Bible

70. Write a letter to God- or a letter to your Higher Power

71. Write a letter to yourself or someone special

72. Light a Religious Candle

73. Learn a New Prayer ( I love to pray the Rosary)

74. Rest, Take a Nap

75. Go for a light jog/brisk walk

76. Go to bed early- set an alarm to begin to unplug and unwind)

77. Turn the corners of your mouth upwards- Smile

78. Engage in laughter- Laughter is the best medicine- Think of a funny memory!

79. Watch a Comedy

80. Color- Adult coloring books are amazing!

81. Go to your local art store for some ideas on at home projects ( I love Hobby Lobby)

82. Go to the library and check out a book

83. Spend some quality time with a friend or a loved one (limit cell phone use during this time)

84. Surround yourself with positive friends

85. Host a small potluck dinner with your best friends

86. Visit a farmers market for fresh, local produce

87. Visit a Salt Cave

88. Visit a nursery or Botanical Garden- I love the San Antonio Botanical Gardens

89. Take yourself on a date

90. Attend a Women’s Circle- Or prayer circle

91. Attend a Cacao Ceremony- A heart opening ceremony, nutritious, healing, detoxifying

92. Attend a retreat- This can be spiritual, health related, or specific for women or men

93. Burn Palo Santo

94. Sage an Area or a room

95. Pet therapy

96. Horseback riding

97. Set goals you would like to achieve

98. Recite Positive Affirmations

99. Learn to say No and take time for yourself

And 100.

Make your Mental, Spiritual, Emotional and Physical Health your Number one Priority!

Take Care of Yourself First, so you can take care of Others from a Full Heart!


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